First Nations Expedition

First Nations Expedition aims to travel the longest snowmobile route in the world in the great land of our ancestors. An unprecedented off-piste route of more than 4,000 km, mapped out by the collaboration of the best guides from all the aboriginal communities of Quebec.

From Uashat-Manutenam to Kuujjuwaak via Baie-James and Manawan, the fifty or so participants:  Anisnabe, Atikamekw, Cree, Innu, Naskapis, Mohawks, Inuit and non-natives will end their journey of 18 days later in Manawan, to pay tribute to the missing children of residential schools, and missing women  as well as to the late Mrs. Joyce Echaquan, originally from this community.

The feat will be followed by a team specializing in winter filming from TVA Sports.


The intention is to pool the cultural knowledge of the different nations of the territory via a major challenge and a joint objective where values such as mutual aid, courage and perseverance will bring us together as the different peoples of Quebec. In addition, a message of hope will be carried by the women throughout the expedition.


This 18-day journey will provide the opportunity to visit and welcome participants in each of the communities with the traditional MOKOCAN (shared meal where each guest makes their contribution). Accompanied by the guardians of the sacred fire, the women will carry the message of reconciliation and peace, with great respect for Mother Earth. Strength, courage, respect, mutual aid, peace, harmony and love will be the sacred values of this odyssey. As part of this large-scale unifying event, we wholeheartedly invite you to follow us.



Reach as many people as possible in communities and spread the theme of spiritual, social, community and cultural reconciliation.

In addition, support the women who participate in reaching all stages of the expedition in order to deliver the message of the sacred fire (peace and reconciliation) and meet in harmony with a MOKOCAN and carry a message of hope for the youth and thus transmit to them the bases of our culture.

Together, we will share solutions that will guide us towards reconciliation.


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