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Isabelle Brisebois is a 40 year old woman from Lac Simon, in the Outaouais, where the presence of her great-great-grandparents is documented. Isabelle has a remarkable career and is of Mohawk and Algonquin origin. She describes herself as a person who has always given a lot around her, whether for her community, her loved ones or her family. By way of healing and a desire to discover herself, Isabelle undertakes challenges in ancestral territory that are both colossal in nature and significant for her. In 2020, she completed a 480km canoe expedition, plying the waterways from Wemotaci to Quebec. Isabelle is proud of this first adventure, which also supported the causes of the First Nations. In addition, Isabelle is very versatile in professional fields, and holds several Professional Studies Diplomas in environments where she has made her place as a minority woman and Indigenous, such as in heavy machinery operation. For the First Nations Expedition, she even trained as a rescuer in a remote region to be able to support the team as best she can. Moreover, Isabelle feels inside her that she has the feeling of having prepared her whole life for the First Nations expedition. It is by wanting to support the causes which are close to her heart that she embarked on this incredible expedition, which will undoubtedly be "a whole life experience, both physical and emotional". To learn more about the origins of Isabelle and her family, the title "Le Pays du Canard Blanc" by Jean-Guy Paquet is available from Renaud Bray, in which her grandmother, Yvonne Simon and Isabelle, is mentioned.

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