Christian Flamand and Derek Jeremy Einish are the instigators of this expedition and Annie Vollant is the co-founder. Preparations are already underway since spring 2021. A colossal work of planning and communication has begun in order to organize the convoy which will move in the middle of nature and will be welcomed in each community by its inhabitants.

Already in the middle of summer, hunters, guides, explorers and elders from each territory are trying to  to define, clear and plan the single route that will link all the communities. A work that is done in the heart of nature, from the forests of the North Shore to the Taiga, passing through several mountains and lakes. A titanic task and essential to the smooth running of the expedition. Also, each participant must remember to equip themselves for the great adventure: modified snowmobile, tent, GPS, wood stove, gasoline, rations, clothing and the huge sled are just a few things to plan for.  The endurance convoy will be separated into different strategically formed teams. There will be scouts, more experienced people on each team and the heavier equipment such as chainsaw, spare parts, winches will be strategically distributed. We are very happy to represent our communities through our values of mutual aid, courage, respect, strength and perseverance. Thanks to the support of several collaborators, partners, volunteers, sponsors, the media and above all, the host communities, without counting on the invaluable collaboration of TVA Sports.  On behalf of the organizations and the indigenous and non-indigenous participants of Expedition First Nations, we would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your support in carrying out this international project.


Christian Flemish


Derek Jeremy Einish

Spécialiste autochtone de survie en forêt en motoneige.  

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Support team and collaborators

Peggie Jerôme

Annie Einish Vollant

David Etienne Durivage

André Fortin


Daniel Bellerose


Daniel Beaulieu


Raymond Geoffrey

Audrey Mc Mahon

Debby Flamand

Tiffany Kashiuasht Pinette

Marylène Flamand

Maryline Jerôme

Angélique Dubé​

Aurèle Dubé

Donald Moar

Anthony Dubé

labourage de motoneige

Thank you to partners and sponsors!