The great expedition of the sacred fire

The route of the Great Sacred Fire Expedition was made throughout the project and still today we are working on the maps for our G.P.S. devices.  The route was created with maps of the participants and their experiences in off-roading and long distance have greatly contributed to the creation of the 16 routes.  The nations are one in this adventure and the transmission of the sacred fire everywhere on the ancestral territory will bring us all together.  We, Atikamekw Nehirowisiw, are the guardians of the sacred fire of the East and we believe that it is time to rekindle the values that our ancestors have bequeathed to us in order to share it with all of you.  With the Innu, the Cree, the Anicinape, the Naskapi, the Inuit, the Mohawk and the Allochtones, we will travel more than 4,100 km in 18 days or more.  Here are the communities and villages we will visit in 2022.   Follow us here.


Communities / Communities

A - Uashat

B -Mani-Utenam
C - Matimekush
D - Kawawachikamach
E - Kuujjuaq
F - Chisasibi
G - Waskaganish
H - Pikogan
I - Lac Simon
J - Opitciwan

K - Wemotaci
L - Manawan

Live with CLR and In Reach


The Walk raises funds to support Indigenous people who leave their communities to receive recurrent health care.

(450) 760-3865


Kwei, hello!

My name is Richard Moar I am from the Atikamekw Nation of the community of Manawan, commonly known as the Manawan Indian Reserve according to the famous Indian Act. I am the spouse of Mrs. Colette Ottawa, who has been on dialysis treatment for five (5) years 7 months. I have been the instigator of the Motetan Mamo action from Nation to Nation, a 186 km walk from Joliette to Manawan, for four (4) years. 
This initiative has the following objectives:

1. To raise funds in order to financially and morally support the natives in recurrent health care.

2. To promote the rapprochement of Nation to Nation with a view to promoting and disseminating Indigenous culture in all its richness. 

3. To stimulate social mobilization between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals around issues inherent in recurrent health care for Aboriginals in urban areas.

What I am looking for here is support on your part to find a solution and help these people in dialysis treatment and other people who are ill in the long term.

Mikwetc! / Thank you !

Richard moar
Instigator of the Nation-to-Nation Motetan Mamo March.